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August 14, 2018

About The Redwood Roots

Between 1860-1930 it was a common practice in the logging industry to uproot the giant Redwood trees and use them for building materials. As much as 90% of the virgin Redwood forests in Northern California were harvested for this purpose.

One millworker at the time— took a very special interest in the Redwood Roots. He saw great beauty in them and started collecting them. Once retired from millworking, he had them shipped across the country to New Paltz, New York. There he created a display, so others could enjoy their beauty as well.

I took many trips to New Paltz to admire and photograph these amazing Redwood Roots which, originally, I just happened upon during a weekend hike. I was drawn over and over again to one particular root, it made me think of Michelangelo’s famed sculpture the Pieta.

One day, after deep thought I decided to call the millworker who owned these amazing pieces of nature to see if he could acquire the Pieta root for myself. Knowing the chances were slim, I felt compelled to ask as I knew I needed to own this particular Redwood Root.

After some back and forth the millworker told me that there was another buyer interested and was willing to pay to ship it halfway across the county. Again, as things are supposed to be…that deal fell through and after some additional negotiation, we agreed on both an amount and how I would acquire the piece.

Suddenly I found this precious Redwood Root in my own possession. I set it up on a large display on my property and there it sits for me to view, revel in, and continue to photograph, as it has many more stories to share.